Become a Member NOW! The ACCP is a non-profit association of contact center professionals from Kansas City and the surrounding area. Our members represent companies and contact centers of all sizes, along with the consultancies and vendors that support them. Our focus includes all processes, functions, technologies, human and organizational aspects of the modern-day contact center, and our members are from various industries including: financial, medical, technical, insurance, education, telecom, travel, publishing and more.

Contact the Membership VP for membership information.
Individual memberships - $75
Corporate memberships for up to 5 people - $325


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Networking - 80% of our members say that networking is the most valuable part of their membership. Our monthly and quarterly events provide regular networking opportunities to keep you connected.
  • Speakers / Webinars - Subject matter experts present key topics of interest enabling members to ask questions and share experiences about their projects. Whether in person or via webinar, these events enable roundtable learning and discovery to keep our members ahead of the game.
  • Topics We'll Cover - The topics selected by our members include: Performance Management, Automated Monitoring/Reporting of Key Metrics, Customer Experience Management, Change Management, Quality Management, Speech Analytics, Personality Based Management, Standby Agent Assistance, and more.
  • Information - We encourage more interaction between events to share ideas, concerns, trends, and to provide follow-up information or discussions on previously covered topics.
  • Tours - Members will tour local area centers and hear about their best practices and/or challenges.
  • Communication / Website – Along with our website, email and automated reminders we’re using Linked-In to provide more details and discussion blogs on topics of interest to you

Comments about the ACCP from Members:

  • “It’s an excellent resource for knowledge sharing and ideas”.
  • “It’s great for learning about the newest or most improved technologies for call centers”.
  • “The willingness of members to share best practices can help all of us improve”.
  • “The events are always a terrific opportunity to build my network, and I want to acknowledge the ACCP for providing key contacts that led to my new employment opportunity”.